July 6, 2016

Houston International Hit DJs

Meet Houston's Hottest Hit DJs

At least once a month, the hottest Afro DJs in Houston are getting together to deliver the latest in hits and hooks they can muster. Stay tuned for updates on this conglomerate.

Where: Zanzibar, Houston
9003 Westeimer Rd, Houston, TX 77063

Zanzibar is an urbane lounge with contemporary decor featuring DJs, Comedians and happy hour in a laid-back locale.

June 15, 2016

Uche Jombo to host The African Film Festival

Credit: Uche Jombo
Uche Jombo is easily the most recognizable face in Nollywood with a long acting resume—60 films to her credit to include many under her production company Uche Jombo Studios. She has endeared our hearts on screen with notable films like Games Men Play, Damage, Oge's sister. Her strong work ethic has propelled her to the top of her game with millions of fans worldwide.

Uche embodies the epitome of TAFF's mission as an avid African independent film trailblazing Director, Writer and Producer believing in the talent and ingenuity that can only be from the motherland. Under her production company, she has produced many quality films and procured distribution rights to international markets and online streaming houses such as Netflix, an online streaming platform.

The African Film Festival is honored to have Nollywood's darling Uche Jombo as host for its 2016 festival year. The sentiment is mutual as she eluded to her excitement, believing this platform is what the African independent film industry needs. She has been a supporter of this platform from its inception, graciously accepting the invitation despite her busy schedule. 

As an actor and a filmmaker, it's imperative to go to film festivals. I have always done that over the years, it's always a pleasure to be a part of anything that shines light on the continent. You have no idea how many Americans that still think Africa is a country, its an opportunity to see other filmmakers from other African countries...  I am looking forward to seeing the different films from African filmmakers, plus Dallas is my 3rd town after Aba and Lagos, yes in that order.
Uche will join Kenyan Hollywood actor, Benjamin A. Onyango in the inaugural presentation of The African Film Festival, 2016. We can only expect a lightening powerhouse from the duo.

African Film Festival is now 18 days away! Can you believe it? Get your tickets now.

July 1-3, 2016
Dallas, Texas
25 countries | 42 Films
Parade of Flags | Red Carpet | TAFFest Boatride | Shorts Screening 
 Feature Screening | Networking seminar | Dallas City Tour 
Awards Gala | Afterparty

June 5, 2016

Portrait of a true legend

image courtesy of Today

Mohammad Ali: January 17, 1942-June 3, 2016

His immortal words will resonate with millions forever:
"I'll be the ghost that haunts boxing." 
"Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, his hands can't hit what his eyes can't see."
"It will be a killer and a chiller and a thriller, when I get the gorilla in Manilla." 
These and many others have been associated with the three-time heavyweight champ as he taunts his opponents to the ring.

There are few lessons I took away from this true legend:

He was fearless

He rose to fame during the civil rights era, in the time of Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, famously changing his name and converting to Islam, denouncing segregation, racism and the Vietnamese war. His in-your-face attitude both amused and angered his audience. He was quick-witted and loud. Even when he faced prison, his boxing license and heavyweight titles were stripped, his strong convictions would not let him falter. He would often taunt his opponents to the ring, many, undisputed heavy weight champions during his era (Joe Frazier and George Foreman comes to mind). His taunts became a self-fulfilling prophecy. The lesson here? Believe in yourself. Courage is not the absence of fear, he'd later admit. Always stand for what you believe in, especially yourself. His strong convictions and courage is the reason above all that he truly became a Legend. He was convinced he was The Greatest, The Champ. He became #theGOAT - The Greatest Of All Time.

He had a lot of heart

He might have been brash and brazen on and off the ring, but he was a kind and gentle soul who wanted world peace. Most passionate people are often high-stung on their own causes because they believe in the greater good. He was very outspoken against injustice in an era when he could easily be annihilated just like his fellow counterparts. He continued to fight for justice and speak up for those that didn't have a voice, working with many countries and dignitaries around the world long after his boxing days and crippling illness. He set an example that many could use today, especially those bestowed with fame. 
"For all kids and people around the world -- if you want to be The Greatest -- stand up for each other. Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves and always be true to yourself. When you reach the mountain top, try not to look down on any one. Treat all people with kindness and respect. No matter how famous we get, no matter how wealthy we become, it is only the heart that makes us great or small. Remember the responsibilities that come with fame. There will be little boys and girls looking up to you. Lead them well." — Mohammad Ali.

 As his soul departs this earth, he is eternally immortalized in all of us.

Rest In Peace, Mohammad Ali — The Greatest Of All Time.

May 30, 2016

The Chocolate & Art Show at Spring Street Studios

This Memorial weekend, Houstonians were indulged in a taste of Los Angeles underground arts scene in a two-day art show with established and up and coming artists featuring their latest work, there were live music, live body painting, face painting, live portraits and free fountain of chocolate! There were certainly something for everyone to enjoy.

Venue: Spring Street Studios
1824 Spring Street, Houston, Texas

above: Maura Lucchese, a collage artist that creates beautiful things out of junk, the artwork above her is created out of recycled magazines (strictly), her work is commissioned by the big organizations in the country. I couldn't help but take some of this work home for myself.

May 3, 2016

TAFF has a host! Veteran Kenyan Hollywood actor, Benjamin A. Onyango

TAFF is proud to present its host for this year's festival, a seasoned actor with a laundry list of credits in Hollywood. Many of you may recognize him in Tears of the Sun with Bruce Willis, The X-Files or The Other Tribes by Kelechi Eke. He's played both major and minor roles in film and television, a big supporter of African independent films. Be prepared to see this funny man in action during the Awards Gala on July 3rd, 2016.

All About Benjamin

Benjamin Alfred Onyango left his native country, Kenya in 1987 to pursue further education in the United States of America. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science from California State University, Stanislaus in Turlock, California. He relocated to Los Angeles, California to pursue a career in Music and Acting. He currently performs with his band ‘In Lieu Of’ in Hollywood Clubs and is the bass player for his church choir.

His fluency in the Swahili language has landed him many voice acting and ADR roles in big budget Hollywood movies including the following: NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM III, RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES, MACHINE GUN PREACHER, INCEPTION, THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL, PRIMEVAL, NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM I, PATH TO 911, A LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN, MIGHTY JOE YOUNG, video games RESIDENT EVIL V, MASS EFFECT 3 and the TV series, E-RING.
He founded UPENDO LEARNING CENTER (ULC), a non-profit Organization that provides tutoring and mentoring services to students on the Autism spectrum. ULC also runs Summer and Winter Camps where the students on the Autism spectrum learn how to create and record music from scratch, write scripts, shoot and edit them. 

His writing credits include: a short thriller, MIND TRICKS, a dark comedy feature, HELL HATH NO FURY, a drama feature, CHEZA, TV Pilot projects TWO WORLDS (Drama) and DYSFUNCTIONALLY ORGANIZED (dramedy) and is currently working on two feature documentaries, ERIC’S RISE and JAJUOK. He is a member of SAG-AFTRA and BMI.
Mr. Onyango is one of the lead actors in the God's Not Dead film franchise. More on him can be found here. Check out God's Not Dead 2 the movie, now in theatres.

April 13, 2016

Introducing: TAFF 2016 Selected Films

Happy new month every body! I hope you enjoyed April fools? Many of you might have something to celebrate this month and so does my team at The African Film Festival.  Have you checked us out yet? You should, go on over right here.

It's been a grueling past few months and at long last, I am proud to present selected films for this year. It's overwhelming the amount of submissions received, I wondered how we can screen them all, but not to worry, our panel of judges have been hard at work through the selection process. I can confidently say from our selected films, you're in for a treat! Our filmmakers went deep with the topics explored, they addressed the many issues on our minds. I'm really proud of the quality of the films too, in my opinion, they would easily compete with films in other recognized film industries, in other words, industry standard. I wouldn't mind streaming them on Netflix. African filmmakers must be recognized for their hard work. TAFF is screening films from at least 15 African countries, many of these countries with multiple films. This indicates to me the abundance and availability of talented filmmakers all across Africa, many now see the value of this platform and appreciate its mission. In time, we hope to have the whole of Africa. So far, we're starting out strong. 

This platform can unite our brothers and sisters—we are one, we have similar issues and circumstances, there's something about our geography that unites us, from one place to another, you'd start to notice, from our films, that there's little that differentiates us. It is time to blur the dividing lines and recognize that, indeed we are one. Together, we can make for a better Africa.

That's all for now. You can preview some of the selected films trailers below. Check back next week for more.

Be sure to like my Facebook page and stay updated of the details while it unfolds. You can also head on over to TAFF Facebook page and YouTube to see the Trailer of the Day.

Title: A People at Sea
Country: Cameroon
Filmmaker: Samson Tarh
Synopsis: ANAN, a young fisherman dreams of owning an engine boat in the future. These dreams gradually become a fantasy when the government announces his plans to relocate the people of the sea to the city.Unlike ABIGAIL one of the rare privileged to go to school, All that matters to Anan and most people of the dogyard is the daily catch of fish that sustains them.Relocation to them may mean the end of living and the beginning of existing.

Title: Waiting for the (T)rain
Countries: Burkina Faso, France
Filmmaker: Simon Panay
Synopsis: Waiting for the (t)rain explores life in a rural village in Burkina Faso. The village survives by the generosity of passengers in transit on a commuter train that runs through it, throwing out food items and water bottles. Its inhabitants, young and old would reminisce and dream of their colonial masters - France. The older generation remember years of servitude to France, while the younger generation dream of escaping to France for greener pastures. 

Countries: Ethiopia, Spain
Filmmaker: Ines Poggio
Synopsis: Women in Ethiopia have to face unpleasant situations everyday in order to fulfill other peoples' expectations. But they keep fighting, trying to be the change they want to see. This film transmits their way of living from a positive perspective. It shows their energy, strength, courage, and their will to fight.

Title: My Gallery
Country: Cameroon
Filmmaker: Enah Johnscott
Synopsis: A devoted husband and artist struggles to provide for his family, amidst the poverty and death plaguing his community. After the sudden death of a well respected philanthropist, his life takes a different turn as a wicked mayor attempts to frame him for murder.

Title: Wings of my Dreams
Country: Nigeria
Filmmaker: Ike Nnaebue
Synopsis: A teenage girl growing up in the slums of Makoko believes there is a better life out there for her. She is determined to chase her dreams despite all odds.

March 8, 2016

Happy International Women's Day

Image courtesy of tribe
The purple ribbon
International Women’s Day is celebrated in many parts of the world today, focusing on women’s achievements in history, recognizing the social struggles women continue to face in our modern society with the hope to change the general perception of women.

It’s only in the last century that women attained equal rights lawfully in most civilized societies—the right to employment, the right to vote, to equal taxes, the right to their own property, their marital and reproductive rights. In many ways there are leaps and bounds made in the fight for gender equality, thanks to the feminist movement, while in some ways it seems stifled, much is yet to be done. A woman still earns 75 cents compared to a man’s dollar in wages for the same employment with the same job requirements, is subject to sexual discrimination in the workplace. Gender equality is still a distant dream in many societies where a woman is denied an education, the right to her own body, suffer genital mutilation, traded in marriage by the time she’s twelve; her voice is silenced and she’s expected to remain in subservience to a man, who believes her sole purpose of being is to reproduce. In such societies woman has two choices, obey tradition or be killed. Women continue subject to violence and discrimination. 35% of women all around the world have experienced some form of violence in their lifetime according to WHO (that's 1 in 3 women).

The prevalence today continues in the face of perceived inequality and lack of education. We all know too well, the atrocities committed by the militant group Boko Haram, kidnapping 276 young girls right out of school in Chibok, Borno State, Nigeria, making them cooks, sex slaves, even killing them. Ever wonder why they kidnapped only girls? Boko Haram, meaning “western education is evil.” To groups like this one, girls are not to receive a formal education. Known atrocities like this have caused some brave young women to continue to fight against oppression at a risk to their lives. We salute the activists such as Nobel price winner Malala Yousafzai—a brave 15 year old Pakistani who survived 3 gun shots by militants for advocating her rights to an education; Miriam Makeba (Mama Africa), Funmilayo Ransome Kuti—the first woman in Nigeria to drive a car and the mother of the famous political activist and musician Fela Ransome Kuti and Winnie Mandela for her activism against apartheid. Despite the precedence set by these and many brave women in our history, much is yet to be achieved in the matter of gender equality.

Are you a feminist?
In a discussion once, a well distinguished man asked, "are you a feminist?" He must have overheard a debate I was involved in nearby with a handful of men and women of African decent discussing gender roles in a modern day African society. He must have noticed how passionate I felt about the topic, eyes wide open, overt gestures, voice echoing through the banquet hall as I insisted that boys and girls must learn how to cook and clean just the same and there's no such thing as only girls belonged to the kitchen, like we were taught growing up. I paused and pondered over that question, looked up at him, smiled. "Matter of fact I am, we all should be feminists."

I wear my purple ribbon today with a badge of honor—for being a woman.

Happy International Women’s Day!


January 30, 2016

Films on TAFF

Films on TAFF
Enjoy the progress we have made so far with TAFF with clips from some of the films we have received. We commend all the filmmakers from various countries involved as we work together to take African films to the next level.
Posted by The African Film Festival - TAFF on Friday, January 29, 2016
Enjoy the progress we have made so far with TAFF with clips from some of the films we have received. We commend all the filmmakers from various countries involved as we work together to take African films to the next level.

Submission Deadlines

Earlybird Deadline: November 1st - November 30th
Regular Deadline: December 1st - March 31st
Late Deadline: April 1st - April 15th

More info:

Website: www.theafricanfilmfestival.org
Facebook: facebook.com/TheAfricanFilmFestival
Twitter: @TAFFOfficial
Instagram: TheAfricanFilmFestival


December 26, 2015

#AfropolitanHOU December 2015

December 18, 2015, the latest Afropolitan event took place at Q Lounge, Houston, Texas. Houstonians have slowly been warming up to this event since its inception, this time, it attracted a much younger crowd, more than likely heard the buzz from its soft launch.

The Afropolitan franchise is known for showcasing some noteworthy events like fashion shows, performances by some of our talents here in the diaspora, only time will tell what's in store for Houston.

A much more diverse crowd were noted at the December event, I got to interview quite a few. What brought them to this event? One common thread - social media and word of mouth. If you haven't heard yet, Afropolitan Houston will be taking place every 3rd Friday of the month, the first Houston event was November 2015. Afropolitan is known in cities like DC, Baltimore, New York and Maimi.

Enjoy the video below and I'll see you in one of the upcoming events.

Brought by Drumpulse entertainment, more info can be found at www.afropolitanhou.com, photos at Facebook.com/msadaku.


December 7, 2015

Calling all African independent filmmakers

Did you hear about The African Film Festival - TAFF? If not, read on.
TAFF is "Bridging Cultures through Films," a non-profit organization, the first of it's kind to benefit the African independent filmmaker, set to premiere 4th of July weekend of 2016 in Dallas, Texas. A lot is ridding on the coattails of this event. There are planned seminars for filmmakers and enthusiasts, performances by your favorite artists and a gala honoring longstanding African filmmakers. With a vision to make available African films in schools and public libraries beyond Africa, TAFF would screen only the best African films for the world to see.

TAFF is now accepting submissions from African indie filmmakers worldwide. Do you have a non-released, newly finished film this past year? Then this message is for you. Submit your films now, we are now in the Regular submission timeline - December 1, 2015-March 31, 2016, prospective filmmakers should read the submission guidelines before submitting. Filmmakers will be honored with an award in fifteen categories, more on that here.

Filmmakers should register here, acceptable media formats include Blu-ray and DVD. You can also submit via FilmFreeway.

There have never been a better time for African indie filmmakers to showcase their work. Their work will gain a global exposure, as TAFF will welcome other film industries. This, in turn ensures submitted films would be seen by highly respected industry professionals around the globe (that includes Hollywood).

It is important to note that African films have a unique genre, not to be assimilated with already existing film industries. TAFF will celebrate African films and filmmakers and give the rest of the world an inside glimpse on the artistry involved in cultivating this unique genre.

Can you give your time?
TAFF is seeking passionate and enthusiastic volunteers that share its vision. Ever wanted to volunteer at a film festival? Are you passionate about African films? Then here is your chance to become part of the movement. Together, we can truly "bridge cultures..."and make the festival a success!

Keep it here, I'd keep you posted.

November 28, 2015

Afropolitan Houston

November 20, 2015

Ever heard of the largest Afro-Caribbean mixer in the diaspora? Check out a new event in Houston.

#AfropolitanHou had a soft launch, attracting young African, African-American and Caribbean professionals to one place in Downtown Houston where they mixed and mingled over cocktails and unwound from their hectic schedules. Quite an impressive crowd turned up for this event.

Brought by Drumpulse Entertainment, Afropolitan mixers have been around a while in cities like New York, Miami, DC and Baltimore, serving up the hottest young professionals who want to network, some you won't find in your typical nightclubs. Folks I interviewed appreciate what this event had to offer, something different from the norm, these folks are tired of the same places like Belvedere and Zanzibar, they also appreciate the very diverse crowd from different parts of Africa and the Caribbean. There's nothing soft about this launch, I'd go ahead and presume this event is here to stay and would match the success of cities like New York and Miami.

Afropolitan Houston will take place every third Fridays of the month, be sure to check out their Facebook page and website to R.S.V.P.

More photos from November's mixer on www.facebook.com/msadaku

Keep it here. More in video below.


October 1, 2015

Festival updates

The African Film Festival

I love to bring exciting news, there's too much bad news out there.

I'm excited to announce the revamp of our new website at The African Film Festival - TAFF, check it out now at www.theafricanfilmfestival.org.

TAFF is a 501©3 non-profit organization, our goal is to give back to the independent African filmmaking community. We are creating greater exposure for African films, making them available in schools and public libraries in non-African communities. Never have there been a platform like this one, an international film festival focused solely on African films.

TAFF have been accepted by the Texas Film Commission! Told ya, exciting! TAFF is now part of the arts district of Plano, Texas. Our grand finale will be at the Courtyard Theater in Plano, Texas.

Film submissions start November 1st via FilmFreeway, find out how you can submit your films here. Watch out for deadlines for early, regular and late submissions.

Finally, we are launching The African Film Festival on July 4th weekend. What better way celebrate African independent films! Where would you be during this groundbreaking event?

That's all for now, stay tuned for updates.


September 16, 2015

Meet the maker of the African Barbie

The Queens of Africa Doll collection
Taofick Okoya is a man everyone outta know. But not for the reasons you might think (I mean when you think of his famous pedigree). This man is out to run the famous Barbie out of the market.  

Move over Barbie, it's The Queens of Africa coming through.

That's right! The Queens of Africa and now Naija Princesses where born out of a dire need, when he shopped around for a birthday gift for his niece, then all the shops carried mostly white dolls. Soon thereafter, he was confronted with the same issue head on when his daughter suffered from an identity crisis at 3 (that's how early it now starts people) asking her father "what color am I?" Then she had a "long face" when she learned she is Black, saying, "I wish I was white." Who can blame her when all the kids shows from Disney to Nickelodeon only feature majorly white characters and most toys are mostly slim and nonetheless, white.
Creating dolls that where not only black but African was not without its challenges, even African girls did't want to play with them, they weren't pretty enough, didn't look like the dolls they were used to and stores wouldn't carry them because there's simply no market for them (because not even the African girls would play with them... You get the gist). He did mention that at first, he did make more realistic prototypes to test the market with fuller figured bodies and traditional outfits. He realized that this issue runs deep, there's need for awareness on standards of beauty for Africans, especially the girls (not to rule the boys out), who are totally brainwashed from a young age and the unsuspecting parents who continue to feed the unfortunate cycle.

We had a long conversation on this topic so I'd let him do all the talking. I am proud to present: The Queens of Africa doll collection sold in major Nigerian outlets, online in the USA and the UK. Planned launch to stores like Walmart is soon on the horizon. So far the response is phenomenal, from South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, you name it.

What I love about these dolls is what they represent, helping our young African girls to see themselves in the dolls they play with, as opposed to holding themselves to a standard of beauty that's never meant to be theirs, causing identity confusion in children as young as toddlers.Watching a little girl call herself ugly for not being fair skinned makes me weep. What parents don't realize is the role they play in such identity crisis when as adults, we hold ourselves to standards of beauty that is unreasonable and the kids are always watching. Plans are in the works to diversify further, these dolls to include many African ethnicities, different shapes and sizes, which would be more realistic than the standard already set by Barbie. Right now there's Nneka (Igbo doll), Azzezah (Hausa) and Wuraola (Yoruba). They can be adorned in many gorgeous ethnic inspired outfits made in the factory in Surulere. Each doll represent the queens of our past. Nneka is the running favorite among girls for being the fairest.

Right now the doll bodies are outsourced to factories in China and everything else, from the hair to the outfits are made in Nigeria. There are plans to change that with the growing market, to have every part of each Queen made in Nigeria. 

The Queens of Africa have been featured on major media outlets, to include Elle, BBC, US News and Reuters. There are not just dolls, the Queens of Africa have been characterized in books with roots in African history to help educate our Future. More can be found at www.queensofafricadolls.com. Queens of Africa educational and empowerment books can be found on www.amazon.com 

Check out my exclusive interview with company CEO over morning tea.


Images courtesy of Queen of Africa Dolls

July 5, 2015

Bigger than Basketball Girls Camp

More information here

JULY 17-18


AGES 11-17





Hosted by Tolu Omotola: Nigerian National Team Member, Current Int’l Pro Player, Former Division I Standout Guest speaker: Ron Cavenall, Sandora Irvin Adaora Elonu, former Texas A&M player, 3 year international player & many more!


June 26, 2015

Meet the Brand Ambassador for Africa Fashion Week London 2015

Noella Coursaris Musunka

Noella Coursaris Musunka is an international model and the founder of Malaika. Noella was born in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The loss of her father at age 5, along with her mother’s lack of resources, led to her being sent to Switzerland to live with relatives. After achieving a degree in business management, she moved to London and began a career in modeling, where her first campaign was for Agent Provocateur.

Her success brought her to New York where she has been featured in a myriad of publications, including Vanity Fair, Essence and GQ. Alongside her active modeling career, Noella founded Malaika, a nonprofit that believes in empowering Congolese communities. Malaika’s work in the village of Kalebuka impacts thousands of people through their multiple programmes - a free school for girls, a community centre built in partnership with FIFA, and five fresh-water wells.

Fiercely proud of her heritage, Noella’s determination to help improve the lives of Africa’s youth has made her an international advocate for them. The success of Malaika has enabled Noella’s work to be known to a wider audience. She has been featured on Bloomberg TV, three different CNN programmes and the BBC’s Focus Africa.

She has addressed UNICEF and the Kinshasa Parliament and gave a TEDx talk in Paris. Noella has participated in many international panels and was invited to speak about the future of Africa alongside President Clinton at the Clinton Global Initiative’s Opening and Closing Plenaries in Morocco. In 2014, Noella was named one of the 100 most influential Africans by New African magazine

"We are so happy Noella is Brand Ambassador for AFWL 2015.  She has been a great friend and supporter of our event and ethos over the years and a compassionate, hardworking, beautiful individual who understands our drive to showcase the best of Africa."
Ronke Ademuliyi
Founder AFWL 

    "I am delighted to be serving as this year’s Brand Ambassador to Africa Fashion Week London and to help showcase the brilliant work of African designers. It has always been my belief that fashion can be a tool for breaking down barriers and transcending cultures. This industry has the ability to put Africa on the world stage and can provide for countless job opportunities on the ground and abroad, from local factories to international shops. It is time for the world to see the amazing talent that lies within Africa."
Noella Coursaris Musunka

AFWL 2015 will be held at London Olympia, Hammersmith Road, Kensington, London W14 8UX on  August 7-8 2015.  Ticket information can be found here.

Brought by AFWL.


June 20, 2015

Get to know Jennifer Gentet

Who is she? She's the founder and CEO Innovative Creations and Communications Limited (ICC), Author—6 Effective Steps to Your Better Self and Founder—Lagocians Expats Social (LES), the first Meetup group I found in Nigeria was about LES.  I met Jennifer recently at an exclusive red carpet event we happened to be in together.  Great minds thinks alike it seems as we were lost in conversation, talking about our great country, the need for more of us to bring our talents back home. She has single handedly created a platform that brings foreigners and locals together, big companies are courting her, some already on her roster, now that's a powerhouse! The ever so curious me want to know everything, so I ask her.
Jennifer at her book launch party recently, at a red carpet event with me.

Why LES?
I started the LAGOCIANS EXPATS SOCIAL as I moved to work in Lagos. Given that I have expatriation experience and history and a multicultural background. I have lived and worked in different continents around the world. Each place I lived I found blogs and or forums that enabled foreigners to interact with one another or forums that gave foreigners useful tips about a country which was quite interesting, I discovered similar things when I arrived to Lagos. However during all my years of traveling I never saw a forum, blog or platform that physically brought the expatriates/Foreigners and the locals together. Which means many expatriates would live in a foreign country for years and never get really to interact with the locals therefore would miss out on some amazing experiences. 
Upon my arrival to Lagos I created LAGOCIANS EXPATS SOCIAL (LES), a platform and a social network where expatriates in Lagos/Nigeria and substantial and classy Nigerians can come together and meet new people, interact with one another, have fun, share and enjoy various interesting activities, fabulous parties and fun events. LAGOCIANS EXPATS SOCIAL (LES) is also a great networking opportunity for professionals and entrepreneurs to come together and meet new people, whether to Improve their social lives or to network and communicate their businesses and/or brands.
LAGOCIANS EXPATS SOCIAL launch party took place at the Oriental Hotel VI Lagos on Dec 6th 2014. Since our launch we organized and have hosted some events and have had interesting turn up of members, media attention and sponsors, L'OREAL West Africa was one our sponsors. LES is indeed fast growing in its own right.  
We subsequently organize tasteful events and fun activities, to welcome new members and introduce them to already existing members. Our famous Red Carpet Events, Private Beach parties, Barbecue parties, Salsa nights, Game nights, and Jogging sessions, are to mention just a few of activities available on LES platform. I have discovered that the expatiates enjoy interacting with Nigerians and Nigerians welcome foreigners gracefully
Our mission to is grow into one of the largest platforms in Nigeria, with thousands of active members, a go-to platform that provides great tips and guidance, creates fun actives and events, and celebrates multiculture. Visit http://www.meetup.com/LAGOCIANS-EXPAT-SOCIAL-Meetup and join us! Don't miss out there is something for everyone.
The printed copies of my books are sold in major book stores in Lagos such as, the HUBS book store located in the PALMS MALL/SHOPRITE at Lekki, Terraculture book store in Victoria Island etc. They are also sold in Paris, France. The eBook version of my book is sold on Amazon.com, Amazon.uk, Amazon.fr etc. You could just type in the title of my book “6 EFFECTIVE STEPS TO YOUR BETTER SELF” on a Google browser to lead you to the lists of the online platforms where the eBook version are sold.
Well you read it here, head on to the link and get the latest, maybe next time you're in Lagos, check it out. We need a lot more of this back home. Don't forget to get a copy of Jennifer's book.

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