May 27, 2012


April 15, 2012

You know it's Spring when you see Cherry blossoms

With my gadgets in tow, I decided to go to the Tidal Basin.  The weather have been exceptionally warm lately, feels like Summer time.  I'd simply take advantage of the warmth.

Lots of people were out here on a mid-Friday afternoon. Taking the leisurely stroll and taking lots of pictures. I personally decided to be a photographer. So, I had my iPad, iPhone, and my Boyfriend's Canon 50D.  Mid-stroll I decided to sit at the Floral Library, the floral installations were gorgeous! If you live in the Washington DC area or have the opportunity to visit, try to make it out here this Spring. Oh, let me not forget the Cherry blossoms; they were everywhere. Eventually, I had to continue my day trip.  I made my way around the basin passing different monuments.
As a photographer, I couldn't help but shoot; there were so much beauty around.  I used the opportunity to test all the cameras in my possession: an 8 mpx. my phone, a 5 mpx. on my tablet, then a 50-110 mm lens mounted on my Canon.  I didn't expect less from the DSLR, however, I was impressed with the capabilities of the point-and-shoot from my Apple gadgets.

The stills produced by the little gadgets weren't bad.  Works best in the day; not very good in low light situations .  I've tried shooting with my iPhone in a night club with it's built-in flash, picture quality left less to be desired.
Live beautifully my friends and enjoy my gorgeous pictures!
Collage of pictures from my test shoot.  Which camera produced which picture?
Thanks for reading.
I appreciate you.

March 21, 2012

The Drum Circle.

Last Sunday, I talked about how I randomly ran into a group of drummers and dancers that was nothing short of amazing.  Well it turns out they have been around for 40 years!  Traditionally called the Drum Circle, musicians all around DC come together on any given "good weather" Sunday at the Meridian Hill Park and pull out their instruments and begin playing rich African tunes.  Soon after, dancers follow.  Dancers can either be experienced or brand new, everyone's welcome.
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