October 25, 2012

You would definitely want the new iPad Mini after you read this.

Oh Conan O'Brien, I swear I don't watch your show enough.

Conan O'Brien takes on the tech giant's latest gadget release with the video above.  It echoes on the sentiment I now have about Apple and their antics, which is just to make money by any means necessary.  I have read and heard people say that Steve Jobs is probably rolling in his grave with what's going on in Apple right now.  In one year Apple have released a 3rd generation iPad, a new MacBook Pro with Retina display, the new iPhone 5, another 13 inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display, a new thinner iMac,  a 4th generation iPad, and now, an iPad Mini???

June 21, 2012

The New iPad Killer is here!

Microsoft recently released their long awaited revolutionary tablet.  The Surface is supposed to be the hybrid between the laptop and the tablet.  Comes in two versions: Windows RT (more like a traditional tablet) and Windows 8 Pro (comes standard with Windows 8 and the true Hybrid.)  Both boasts 2 USB 2 ports, the RT with a micro SD Port, and a Micro HD video port while the Pro version has a micro SDXC port and a Mini Display port.

June 20, 2012

Young listeners opt not to own music - CNN

I was reading an article on CNN the other day.  I have Pandora, iHeart Radio, SoundCloud , Shazam on my iPhone and iPad, I enjoy streaming my music. I also love to be able to look up the artist to the songs I discover and in turn, discover more songs. 
It is of the opinion that streaming music is killing music as we know it.  As more young people opt to stream free music rather than buy, the question becomes: "How do artists profit?"
Shazam App.

This is a long standing discussion, debate that have equal opposing sides. Some argue that young people are at a disadvantage since they rather stream free music than buy it. They believe that eventually there won't be (good) music to listen to as artists that don't get paid would simply stop making new music.

June 15, 2012

It's coming! it's coming!!

Now what in the world am I talking about?

IOS 6 of course! This fall.
iOS 6, finally coming with much needed updates
Apple have finally revealed the details most iFans have been eagerly anticipating.  There are great new updates.

 For most of us iOS users, we have wished for a few things that we think would make our mobile devices just that much better.  I'm excited to anticipate the following updates:

March 30, 2012

My New iPad (part 5)

Today is an anniversary!  For what? You may ask.  Well it's been 2 weeks since I got my very own iPad 3rd Gen...LOL, "people usually have anniversaries after one year"...I know, I know just thought I celebrate anyway.
That's my Gadget!
 So how are we doing? I'll tell ya.
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