June 3, 2015

Wetin Dey?

I spent some time with folks at Radio Continental 102.3 FM. For those that didn't know, RC 102.3FM is Nigeria's #1 controversial radio station, under the parent company CBS—Continental Broadcasting Service (more on that here). I was privileged to be part of Wetin Dey, a rush hour talkshow about Nigeria's state of affairs discussed with local humor. Topics ranged from Nigeria's current fuel scarcity to discussions on love, relationships—heavily on deck, same sex relationships. Folks, this is not at all boring, run-the-mill show here, this is some folks entertaining the masses and having a good time doing it too. There's no dull moment as Sisi Caretaker and the rest of her crew captivated the audience in their different personas, special guests are featured, the audience listening got to chip in too! You've got to listen in sometime. As a special guest I pulled some tricks. I didn't realize there's enough Pidgin English still left in me, flirting all afternoon with Wale, all in good fun. As I continue to wet my feet in the entertainment world, I realize I'm most definitely in my element. 
Sisi Caretaker
The crew: Wale, Sisi, Iya and Obus
A special thank you to my sista' from another mother Sisi Caretaker, Wale Popopo, Iya Jogbo and Obus Zalee for sharing their platform with me. Tune in to RC 102.3 FM, weekdays from 2-4pm WAST for the latest trending and controversial topics on air with a playful spin. RC 102.3FM is on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @rc1023fm.


June 20, 2012

Young listeners opt not to own music - CNN

I was reading an article on CNN the other day.  I have Pandora, iHeart Radio, SoundCloud , Shazam on my iPhone and iPad, I enjoy streaming my music. I also love to be able to look up the artist to the songs I discover and in turn, discover more songs. 
It is of the opinion that streaming music is killing music as we know it.  As more young people opt to stream free music rather than buy, the question becomes: "How do artists profit?"
Shazam App.

This is a long standing discussion, debate that have equal opposing sides. Some argue that young people are at a disadvantage since they rather stream free music than buy it. They believe that eventually there won't be (good) music to listen to as artists that don't get paid would simply stop making new music.
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